About Affinity

Affinity is new RFID technology being designed for ski resorts that will revolutionize how you access your favorite slopes.

We're just getting started!

Affinity is new technology under development. We're busy installing equipment, writing software, building websites, etc. This means that you will see more features being added as the season progresses. Stay tuned, we will be adding a blog and social profile so you can stay up to date on what we're working on!

So what is "gateless" RFID anyway?

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology which is quickly replacing traditional ski tickets and barcode scanning at lift lines. We are pioneering "gateless" rfid, which means there are no gates or turnstiles to get in your way. The Affinity RFID card has a tiny radio transponder embedded inside of it. Just carry your card in a jacket pocket and get right on the lift.

Why is RFID better?

Currently, the most prevalent method of checking lift tickets at ski resorts is to scan a barcode which is printed on a paper ticket. Scanning barcodes while in the lift line can be cumbersome for both skiers and resort operators. Just like you, we love snow and want to be able to ride the lift as efficiently as possible!

How does it work?

Similar to automatic highway toll systems, just get on the lift with your Affinity RFID card in a front-facing jacket pocket. We take care of the rest. Affinity readers are installed at key locations and attendants monitor the lifts to verify that your ticket is valid.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes. No personal information is stored on your Affinity RFID card, only a unique identifier which is recognized by the Affinity system.

How do I benefit?

Efficient lift loading means shorter waits in lift lines resulting in more slope time. You can also track your stats online and earn rewards. Waterville Valley Resort is offering a variety of benefits for Affinity users this season, including discounts on ticket purchases.

How do I use my Affinity RFID card?

Bring your card with you when you come to the mountain. This is your ticket to access the slopes! Your season pass, ticket window purchases or online purchases are loaded on your card. Carry your card in a front-facing jacket pocket while riding the lift. (Please carry your card only).

How do I get an Affinity RFID card?

Just go to the ticket window or season-pass desk at Waterville Valley Resort in the main lodge. This card is yours to keep and reload for every visit to the resort.

Have a new Affinity pass card?

This season, all passes and day ticket cards at Waterville Valley Resort are powered by Affinity RFID technology. When you register your own profile, your card is yours to keep. You can track your days on the slopes, earn awards, get discounts and receive other great benefits!